Welcome to My Tools Town Facebook Video Downloader. This is the best website where you can download facebook videos for totally free. We are the fastest facebook video downloader.

Facebook Video Downloader

How to use Online Facebook Video Downloader ?
STEP 1: Open your facebook video & Copy URL.
STEP 1: Paste URL In the field above.
STEP 1: Click on the download button and choose the video quality to download the video.
What is Facebook Video Downloader?
Facebook Video Downloader helps you to download Facebook videos on your device easily. This is My Tools Town Facebook Videos Downloader,and it is the one of the best online tool to convert and download Facebook videos in mp4 files.
Do we store Facebook videos that you download?
We do not store any kind of facebook videos or url that you download. All videos that you download are on Facebook servers and you directly download them from Facebook Servers.
Where are videos saved after being downloaded?
Usually the videos are stored in the Downloads folder in your computer. You can always view your browser download history by pressing "Ctrl + J" in your browser.
How can I Download a Live Facebook Video?
You can only download the live facebook video after the live streaming is complete.
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