What is SMS Bomber & How to use it?

What is sms bomber & How to use it ?

As we know, Sending SMS Bomber to phones is the new trend in the world of pranks. Everyone wants fun by sending their friends a lot of SMS . In this tutorial , I will explain you what is sms bomber and how to use it.

What is SMS Bomber ?

SMS Bomber is an application which can send unlimited messages to any mobile number really fast. That means you can spam your friends inbox with a lot of messages and prank them. There are hundreds of sms bomber available on web and android app stores, But none of them seems to work properly.

Thats why we have created the best sms bomber ever which you can use to send unlimited sms and prank your friends.

How to use ?

First step is to open our sms bomber.

Click Here to open the sms bomber that we have created for you.

Go a little bit down until you find the sms bomber box. To send sms to your friend enter his phone number in the Mobile number field. In Count SMS, Enter number of SMS You want to send to your friend. Choose the Bomb speed that means how fast you want to send sms to your friend. If you choose slow, sms will be sent again and again after 3-4 seconds. For medium sending time is about 2 seconds and for Fast , Its 0 to 1 Second.

Click on START button and STAY ONLINE on the website for continuously send sms without any stop. After the sms bombing process have started, it will take few minutes to complete.

Note that you can only use this web application to prank your friends and not for taking revenge of any person. If you use this app for revenge, Developer is not responsible.