Best Free Alternatives for cPanel in 2020

Free Cpanel ALternatives

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a web hosting control panel to manage websites from a web based interface. Its one of the popular control panel and most of the web hosting companies provide cpanel to their customers in their web hosting package.

Why to Look For cPanel Alternatives?

I think cPanel is the best control panel for a web hosting business or managing your own websites. But cPanel isn’t free. You need to purchase their license monthly and the cost varies from 15 $ to 45 $. Its really costly if you are going to host your only one website on a vps. There are security flaws found on cPanel and that’s one of the reason you could look for alternatives of cpanel.

If you are searching for paid cPanel alternative but not costly as cPanel, then you can look for Plesk Control Panel.

We gave rank to controls panel by taking average ranking of this control panels on another websites. Below is the list of free alternatives of cPanel :

1. Webmin

Webmin Control Panel

We have ranked webmin at #1 position because this is a control panel which have a lot of features and you can do everything in this control panel that you can do on cPanel. webmin have plenty of modules for configuring your server. Even though webmin control panel design does not look very great, you can find some themes for it on github.

2. VestaCP

VestaCP is a control panel whose web interface is extremely fast. You can even install VestaCP on a low specification server. VestaCP is Free but to use file manager you need to purchase license of 3 $ . VestaCP Claims to handle traffic of 5k to 8k users per day on a 512 MB ram VPS. VestaCP updates automatically and provides WHMCS Billing Support , Antivirus, DNS Manager , AntiSpam and much more. The sad thing here is only that VestaCP Support is paid.

3. Froxlor

Froxlor Server Management Software

Froxlor is the one of the lightweight server management tool which you can use for free. You get a nice user friendly UI with Frloxlor and you can even change the basic CSS or create your complete own theme. You can also use froxlor for commercial purpose but you have to disclose that your product uses Froxlor. Froxlor dosen’t have a file manager but you can create FTP accounts. You can even get SSL For your website easily by using Lets Encrypt SSL in Froxlor.

4. Ajenti

Ajenti is the Python based control panel. Ajenti promises to install without changing your server configuration that means you can install Ajenti even if you already have running few services on your server. Ajenti gives you number of tools and you can even add or create plugins for Ajenti in python. Its an ultimate framework to build websites with high excellence.

5. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is a free open source web hosting control panel for linux and it claims to have more than 40k downloads per month. Unique feature about ISPConfig is that it can manage multiple servers with single control panel.

Feel free to comment about more control panels that you think that we should add above.