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How does your system works?

Same as you, lots of real & active instagram users gather here to like and follow each other. Everyone earn credits by Liking & Following others. You also earn this credits and You can use them to get Likes & Followers on your Instagram account & posts.

Can we get unlimited likes & followers using your website?

The more you earn credits, the more you will get followers & likes.

How much credits will I earn per Like & Follow ?

You earn 1 CREDIT FOR LIKE 2 CREDITS FOR FOLLOW. When you will promote your posts or account, You will have to spend with the same cost.

Do I need to login with my social media account to use this tool?

No, You do not need to provide any kind of your social media account credentials.

Can my instagram account get blocked using your tool?

No, Your account will not get blocked on instagram using our tool. Still to be safe, We recommend you not to follow more than 150 users & like more than 200 posts per day.

Why is my account blocked on My Tools Town?

If you violate My Tools Town Terms then your account may be blocked. The most common reason for getting account blocked is by unfollowing/unliking others after earning credits

Why is my promotion status is "Blocked By Admin" ?

If your promotion status is "Blocked By Admin", there is nothing to worry. This may have happened because you have changed your instagram account privacy to private. Your credits are refunded automatically when your promotion status is marked as "Blocked By Admin".

If you have any other questions which are not mentioned in our FAQ, Please Contact us here.

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